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How To Organize WiFi In Office


This post will tell you how to organize WiFi in office, giving you some easy to follow tips that will make your connection more secure and thus increase your company’s digital security level. We will also give you some reasons why keeping your Internet connection secure is an absolute must, and why neglecting it can be a huge risk to your whole business.

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Problems Of A Poorly Configured Office Network

The Nagging Poor Signal

The first thing you need to think about when installing an office network is making sure that every part of the office has equally good WiFi coverage. To do this, you need to properly organize routers, ensuring the signal remains strong in every room. Obstacles such as walls will interfere with the signal strength, and setting up devices in perfect locations will take some testing.

Of course, it is best to connect any desktop computers and every desk via ethernet cables and switches, maximizing signal strength. But, you should still have a strong WiFi, not only as a backup but also for mobile phones and other portable devices, as we rely on those in our day-to-day business too.

Although you want the best signal, you want to make sure your routers, switches and cables are hidden, as they are not exactly the prettiest sight. Good cable management is important beyond aesthetics, but having a clean-looking office is much more professional.

WiFi Can Be A Security Risk Too

Although not many people view it that way, but giving away WiFi access lightly is a huge security risk. If someone unwanted gets into your WiFi network, they can compromise your fragile company information and get hold of the data stored on the computers using your office WiFi.

Therefore, to make sure a hack doesn’t happen, never share your WiFi information with the outsiders, not even your clients. It is a good idea to have a complicated and long WiFi password to prevent employees from sharing it with outsiders.

In order for your clients or guests visiting the office to have access to WiFi, you should create a guest WiFi network. That separate network should have restricted access, so even if a breach does happen, nothing too bad will happen, as your business computers use a protected WiFi connection.

Bottom Line: Leave Your IT To Pros

While configuring a WiFi is not rocket science, one mistake can have massive consequences, leaving your business data vulnerable to hacks. Plus, configuring and maintaining your office network is not the only task you will need to do, as office IT requires a lot of maintenance. If you want to have one less thing to worry about, leave your IT to BV Group Tech professionals.

We will make sure your whole office network is configured correctly, with a strong signal even in the most remote part of your company building. We use UniFi WiFi, which proved to be the best for our SMB clients. It allows us to configure the WiFi connection in detail, ensuring it meets your business needs. Contact us now, and never bother with poor WiFi signals again!

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