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Why It’s Important To Keep Your Server Room Or Network Closet Organized


Cabling and cable management might seem unimportant, but in this text, we will tell you why it matters, and how neglecting proper network organization can put your whole business in jeopardy.

Not (Only) About Aesthetics

Having a messy server room is not a pleasant sight, but who cares, right? After all, it’s just a server room/closet, and not like your clients are going to notice what’s behind the closed door.

Even though we agree that the aesthetics of server rooms are not one of the major priorities when running a small business, having the network organization done right can have a major impact on your business.

Tangled cables will prevent good airflow, and will also make regular server maintenance very hard. Both of those things will compromise the stability of your network. And considering that network is the backbone of any modern business, it is imperative to keep your servers running all the time.

How Server Room Works

The whole point of having separate server rooms, or at least a server closet, is having a secure place for your servers, so they can run without interruptions non-stop. In short, having your servers in your regular office or living space is not a good idea, as accidents happen all the time, and one coffee slip would get your whole network down.

A typical server room consists of server racks, which are specifically designed to house servers and computer equipment, the servers and equipment themselves, routers and switches which make the transmission possible, cabling that runs the data in and from the saver room, and the cable management equipment (hopefully) which is there to keep things clean and organized.

Cable Management Makes Maintenance A Breeze

When everything runs well, nobody worries about how the server closet looks. But, the second something doesn’t go according to plan, you will realize why cable management is crucial.

If cabling is clean and organized, properly labelled, your technicians (or even your regular staff) will be able to locate and solve the issue quickly. In a glimpse, they will see which device is malfunctioning, and also which cable goes where.

However, if your cables aren’t organized, your techs will have a hard time figuring out what caused the issue, and they will be forced to pull out a bunch of different cables before finding the right one. This will increase the time it takes for them to fix the issue, or just to perform regular maintenance, slowing down your business.

All that can be avoided just by proper server cable management, so no, it is not only about aesthetics.

Why Server Rooms Are Cooled

Server racks are packed with equipment, which all generates heat. Also, server rooms and closets are usually filled, and there is not much room around and above the equipment. This can become a problem, as all the equipment not only generates heat but prevents air circulation. Of course, equipment behaves best when the temperatures are optimal, and the hotter it is in the server room, the bigger the problem – not to mention a fire hazard.

Therefore, if air circulation is a problem, regular ventilation you have in your office is probably insufficient. Air conditioning is an option, but, because servers need to run non stop, you will need to leave your AC on non-stop too. This can raise your electricity bills significantly and is certainly not eco-friendly. Having a powerful fan is a much cheaper option, and if positioned right, it can do a lot of good for the temperature of your servers. Still, if the airflow is too obstructed, even a fan won’t help.

Cable Management Improves Airflow

Now that you know why keeping servers cooled is essential, it is obvious how cable management can help. If cabling is done right, it won’t obstruct airflow, and your servers will be allowed to “breathe”. This will not only improve the airflow but will cut your electricity bills since you don’t have to keep the A/C on just to cool the servers.


Proper server cable management and network setup is much more important than it initially seems. But, because this is something that not many business owners pay attention to, it often gets neglected, and only noticed when it becomes a problem, causing network failures.

BV Group Tech has one focus – providing professional IT support to small businesses. We will design server rooms that will meet your needs, picking proper racks, hardware, and also organizing the cables to ensure adequate ventilation. Also, we will perform regular maintenance, making sure your servers stay online non-stop, never obstructing your business endeavors. Contact us now, and never worry about down servers and tangled cables again!

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