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Tools for Working Remotely From Home during COVID19

Have you been working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic? Are you searching for the best tools that help you work remotely from home? Don’t worry because we got the tools you need to work effectively and productively!

The COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in many organizations to ask workers to work from their homes. The governments and health experts have also recommended self-quarantine, social distancing, and working remotely from home.

Many countries have limited activities in and out of their borders. Those measures will help lessen the impact of the coronavirus. However, working from home has its own set of challenges. For instance, there’s a family distraction, lack of in-office culture, and team collaboration, among others.

The question is: how can you work from home efficiently and productively with others during the pandemic? Below are some of the best tools you can use to work remotely at home, be productive, and work with others.

Teams – Chat and MessagingUsing Teams enables you to make various channels, so your conversations could be organized by teams or topics. This tool provides 1Tb of storage in the workplace included in your Office365 subscription. Also, Teams works together with all your Office application, including Outlook. Teams are what you need to keep tab with others. This tool brings all your interactions and team together, and it helps you maintain a flawless remote work.

Zapier – Work automation is a tool allowing you to create processes and power your business like a programmer, even without becoming one. The digital tool helps you connect and incorporate apps into one system with a simple click. This technical support application allows you to connect your systems together and organize your workflow under one platform. In turn, it helps you to concentrate on the things that matter the most.

Microsoft OneNote – Productivity and Project ManagementDid you know that Microsoft OneNote is the ideal productivity and project management tool? It works on all platforms such as tablets and smartphones, allowing you to sync your notes and files easily among devices. Some users call it their Personal Digital Assistant, given that it helps them take notes on the go, collaborate, make an editorial content calendar, allocate tasks to your whole team, and make a daily, monthly or yearly tasks, etc.

Zoom – Video ConferencingThis tool helps you begin meetings and collaborate through videos easily. Zoom is the well-received work from the home tool. The reason behind this is that it imitates the face-to-face meetings you often had by presenting the facial expressions of others at the conference. So if you need to have a conference call with your team, Zoom is a simple-to-use digital tool for it.

One Drive – Cloud storage and synchronization service. Do you need a sustainable space to manage and keep your valuable files? One Drive is the tool to count on. The tool enables you to make, store, and share documents and data from across the globe in one place.

Overall, the coronavirus pandemic has forced people to become remote workers at home. This new lifestyle comes with its own set of challenges, not to mention that lots struggle to adapt. Thus, the five tools for remote workers listed above will surely help you to work productively and efficiently. Stay safe!

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