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Why it’s Important to Have a Firewall in the Office?

Why it's Important to Have a Firewall (VPN) in the Office?
Why it’s Important to Have a Firewall (VPN) in the Office?

In today’s high-paced business environment, just about every business needs a fast internet connection to remain competitive. But, you also need to ensure your internet connection is secure to avoid being hacked. A company that has trouble protecting data can receive a bad reputation from clients, making them less likely that they will want to use your company. In fact, within 6 months of suffering from a cyberattack, 60% of small businesses go under. One way a company can potentially protect itself from these threats is to use a firewall or VPN in the office. However, protecting yourself from these threats is not the only reason to consider using a VPN for your business.

The Benefits of Using a VPN for Your Business

A VPN can be used to protect your company from the threats on the internet by creating a secure connection to a network using the internet. While cloud companies always try to keep your information safe, taking advantage of a firewall VPN adds an extra layer of protection that’s under your control. This helps further secure your business’ data and private information so you never run into security threats.

More Effective and Secure Remote Working

One advantage of using a VPN is that you can work remotely better. A VPN can help your employees log into company data centers and other company centers and access the information from anywhere. With a firewall VPN, you also add an extra layer of security anytime your employees connect remotely. This can be increasingly important in the new age of teleworking. A VPN can also be used if your employees are traveling overseas, and those countries restrict access to the internet.

Firewall VPNs are an Inexpensive Solution to an Expensive Problem

Another reason that you should consider using a VPN is that the cost associated with them is not as high as you would think. Most VPNs are affordable for any business. A good VPN could potentially cost less than 10 dollars per user for a month. This allows your company to work safely and remotely for a low cost.

Which Firewall VPN is Right for You?

If you are considering getting a VPN, you should consider using SonicWall for your office. SonicWall has all the typical features associated with a VPN and provides them at an affordable rate. SonicWall offers a wide range of products that will surely help meet any of your business needs.

A VPN can go a long way in helping your business protect the data that is most important to you. This can help you establish a better relationship with potential customers. However, there are also several other advantages of using a VPN that can help your business adapt to the world today. So, step up your cybersecurity with a firewall VPN from SonicWall.

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