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COVID-19 Is Not The Only Virus You Should Be Worried About – Keep Your Computers Safe Too


In the era of the COVID-19 concerns, the IT health of your business often gets neglected. In this post, we will talk about proper PC protection, and how it is as important as it always was to take care of the IT side of your business, making sure your information stays protected.

Cyber protection from Viruses
Cyber protection from Viruses

Computer Viruses Are Still A Threat

In recent years the central topic was privacy, and most people (and news reporters) focused on gigantic companies like Facebook, Apple and Google, and privacy concerns and scandals that were exposed by people like Snowden. The good news is that the importance of privacy was something that even the ordinary Internet users began to cherish. However, major companies that are trying to sell information are not the only ones to worry about – the good old viruses and malware are out there too.

Computer viruses are malicious lines of code intended to cause unwanted effects on your computer. A virus can corrupt data, steal information, hijack computer resources, damage hardware, or cause other types of harm. What’s even worse is that computer viruses have the ability to replicate themselves and spread to other computers without you knowing it, just like real viruses.

Trojans are a type of computer viruses which pretend to be legitimate software which you actually want on your machine, therefore making it difficult to detect on your own. Similarly to other viruses, hackers use trojans to obtain information, hijack computer performance, steal data, or cause other types of damage.

Often mentioned with viruses and trojans is a much broader term – malware. Malicious software (malware) is any program/code that is designed to harm your system or devices. It can be on computers, tablets, phones, but also on the server level. All viruses and trojans are malware, but also all spyware, adware, ransomware, rootkits, keyloggers, miners, or any other malicious programs, all of those are considered as malware.

Cyber-Protection – Prevent Problems Before They Occur

In the section above, we only listed some malware categories, but there are many more. What’s even worse, each category is littered with different kinds of malware, and the list grows bigger every day. Hackers are working hard to find new exploits and infect as many computers as possible. Why? To get money out of it, of course. Stealing and selling information is the most basic way how they make money, and they continuously try to find new ways how to do it.

Fortunately, cyber-security companies are also working on solving problems, which is why we have many antivirus and antimalware tools available.

Our choice is Webroot AV system, as it is proven to be reliable, and effective at protecting small businesses’ IT infrastructure. We will install and set up Webroot, but also maintain your computers for you, making sure everything stays infection-free.


Having trustworthy and up-to-date antivirus software is extremely important as it can prevent a lot of issues. Of course, antivirus is not miraculous; it is only a layer of protection between your system and the bad guys. The best approach is to monitor everything consistently, keeping things updated and in order, to make sure you are always one step ahead and that your business network is protected.

If you don’t have the time, or the knowledge to do all of this on your own, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our IT support company will set up and maintain the system for you, to make sure your data stays protected.

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